The Art of Immelmann


Immelmann is a digital illustrator from around Boston, Massachusetts currently residing near Buffalo, New York. With a degree in Graphic Arts from the University of Massucetts Lowell, he's been making online comics since 2006. He entirely makes his living off freelance illustration and his comics, having been self employed for years. If he's not drawing, he's likely playing Pathfinder/D&D, video games, or maybe doing a bit of weight lifting.

In 2009, his comic Concession won the Ursa Major Award for "Best Anthropomorphic Graphic Story". Ballerina Mafia was nominated for "Best Anthropomorphic Comic Story" in 2011.



The Order of the Black Dog is a science-fiction and horror webcomic set on a near-future alternate Earth. Drawing heavy inspiration from the stories of H.P. Lovecraft and touching upon subjects of aliens, monsters, and ancient gods, it tells the story of an old esoteric organization, The Order of the Black Dog, whose mission is to investigate mysterious events and undiscovered creatures.

Ballerina Mafia is a comedic, "gag-a-day" comic that usually centers around the antics of Immelmann and his local friends.

Concession was Immelmann's first webcomic and focused on the employees of a movie theatre. Over time, it evolved into a convoluted story about gay romance and dark, mystic powers.


In 2010, Immelmann recorded an experimental ambient/noise album under the false pretense of a school assignment. This hour-long album uses distorted industrial samples, digital noise, and unconventional guitar techniques to create a droning, dark, atmospheric experience. Preview the entire album on YouTube, or download it for free.


Logo for The Order of the Black Dog, 2013

Cover logo for Order of the Black Dog Issue #8, 2015

Cartoonatic web site header, 2011

The Order of the Black Dog web site header, 2014

Unreleased personal site design, 2014

Order of the Pangolin forum graphic, 2011

Assorted in-universe brand logos for The Order of the Black Dog

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